crum. n' yum bundle.

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A match made in heaven. 2021's newest power couple. What could make your taste buds happier than a tin of Crum and a Crum 'n' Yum Blend? Well, nothing. 

If you're ready to lose yourself in the scrumptious taste of nostalgia, then this is the Bundle for you. Nibble on a Malty Milkshake Ball while you sip on a malty milkshake loaded with Crum. Simply Pour, Mix, Roll and dunky dunk. 

This Bundle contains a Crum 'n' Yum Blend and a 250g tin of Crum. Enjoy Crum floating in cold milk, brewed hot in your favourite mug, sprinkled over ice cream or spooned straight from the tin — the possibilities are endless. 

So yum, you won't leave a crum.