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Not sure what to get that hard to buy for friend/loved one? This bundle will have all bases covered - m*lk a pantry staple, crum. a nostalgic throw back and crum. n yum a nice baller blend to have in the pantry when needing to whip a lil something delicious. 

crum. & m*lk are proudly: Refined sugar free ・Gluten free ・Dairy free ・Preservative free ・GMO free  ・Vegan ・Crap Free 

crum. n yum is dairy free - but please note this blend contains oats
Ingredients: Almonds, Pea Protein Isolate (non GMO Pea Protein isolate, natural Vanilla flavour, Stevia*), Certified Wheat Free Oats and crum.™ (Coconut sugar, cocoa powder, maple syrup, carob powder, mesquite, maca, murray river salt and vanilla). *Natural Sweetener.

Bundle contains:
✦ 1 x 250gm crum. tin
✦ 1 x m*lk OG
✦ 1 x crum n yum


How to drink crum:
Sprinkle it, stir it, spoon it straight into your mouth. crum. doesn’t judge.

How to make m*lk:
Toss 2 tablespoons of m*lk and 1 litre of water in a blender, then blend for one minute. Voila, it’s m*lk. Add to crum., drown cereal, make a smoothie, or drink on its own.

How to make crum. n' 'yum: All you’ve gotta do is pour, stir in H20, coconut oil and your fave sweetener, then roll. It’s simple. Just like the good ol’ days.


✦ Ingredients in crum.: 
Coconut Sugar*, Cacao Powder*, Maple Syrup*, Carob Powder*, Mesquite*, Maca*, Murray River Salt, Vanilla*.
*Certified Organic
✦ Ingredients in m*lk:
Macadamia, Almond, Cashew*, Macadamia Oil*, Sunflower Lecithin*, Murray River Salt. *Certified Organic 
✦ Ingredients in crum. n' yum: Almonds, pea protein isolate (non gmo pea protein isolate, natural vanilla flavour, xylitol and thaumatin*), certified wheat-free oats, Cacao Powder and crum. (Coconut Sugar, Cacao Powder, Maple Syrup, Maca, Mesquite, Carob Powder, Vanilla, Salt)

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4. FAQ's

* See crum. and m*lk individual products for FAQs

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Stocking Filler Bundle
Stocking Filler Bundle
Stocking Filler Bundle