Where health + fun go together like chocolate + milk.

We’re Flora Foods, and we’re coming for your morning coffee, your meditation moment, your famous berry smoothie, your 3pm-itis, your routine bowl of after-dinner ice-cream.

The word on the street 💬

Finally I can say yes!

"After years of saying no to milo my kids are now happy with me. I was overwhelmingly pleased with their reaction on first try. Went with the small tin just to try, but will definitely be going bulk from now on.😃😃 thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏 " - Melanie B.

Obsessed with this stuff!

"I love this stuff! It's such a special treat and I don't feel guilt at all when my toddler steals sips from my cup 💗 Worth every cent!"
- Stephanie T.


This is the goods, honestly tastes better than any similar products - it’s just unbelievably delicious. Crum love fan for life. - Adette L.

I’m addicted!

I love everything about it - texture, flavour.. it’s even got that really lovely chocolate-y after taste which I wasn’t sure could be replicated with a plant-based version. I’m drinking way more soy milk as a result of crum. (my nutritionist is so pleased) and above all I love sharing it with my son. All the nostalgia without the animal cruelty 💚. - Sarah H.