Here at Flora Foods, indulgent food and healthy lifestyles go together like… Well, like chocolate and m*lk. Confused? Allow me to explain. 

For our family — and now, our family-run business — food is a love language. It’s what we turn to in good times, and bad. Birthdays, break-ups and big news. It’s our favourite way to show we care. And, it’s how we maintain our health. Because it’s our belief that nutrition shouldn’t be compromised for the sake of taste — and taste shouldn’t be compromised for the sake of health. 

Clearly, we don’t want to choose, which is how we wound up here, making chocolatey drinks and m*lk bases that do your body (and taste buds) some good. 

Flora Foods was founded by me, Heidi Briggs — plant-based chef, mum and sweet tooth — after I embarked on an organic wholefoods and chemical-free lifestyle. With special memories of my childhood (and racing home to a certain after-school treat), I took it upon myself to create (and recreate) delicious, nourishing foods that become household staples, daily rituals and memory makers for families everywhere. Even the really fussy ones.

What we care about

  • It’s our mission to make sure every aspect of Flora Foods sparks joy. So dunk it, shovel it, bake it, sprinkle it — even healthy food should be fun. 

  • Sweet tooth or health nut, Flora Foods is for everyone. And we mean everyone. Our products will always be gluten, dairy, refined sugar, soy and other crap-free. 

  • We’re an open (recipe) book. No hidden ingredients. No hidden agendas. Because we know the only thing better than a sweet treat is a clean conscience.