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crum. is the chocolatey taste of your childhood memories.

Enjoy it floating it in cold milk, brewed in your favorite mug, sprinkled over ice cream or spooned straight from the tin — the possibilities are endless. Lovingly handmade in Byron Bay, Australia, crum. is a household staple created for families to sip on while making memories.

Crum. is proudly: Refined sugar-freeGluten-free・Dairy-freePreservative free GMO-freeVeganOrganic

✦ Servings per 250g are 20 tablespoons or 60 teaspoons

Going through your 250g bag too fast? We have the answer...a 1kg bag of crum. deliciousness!

Looking for savings? Price breakdown works out to be $18.50 per 250g. We do love a saving friends! Servings per 1kg are 80 tablespoons or 240 teaspoons

Need ideas? Check out #crumyourway on Instagram for recipe ideas, or show the world how you crum. 


Sprinkle it, stir it, spoon it straight into your mouth. crum. doesn’t judge.


Coconut Sugar*, Cacao Powder*, Maple Syrup*, Carob Powder*, Mesquite*, Maca*, Murray River Salt, Vanilla*

*Certified Organic

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4. FAQ's

crum. FAQ’s

What is crum.?

crum. is a healthy version of milo! Milo is that green tin from Nestle - that most of us in Australia, NZ and Asia grew up with. It’s a very nostalgic crunchy chocolate drinking powder. 

Why is crum healthier than milo?

The wholefood ingredients are healthier, making crum. a healthier option.
crum. doesn’t contain any white sugar, fortified man made vitamins or minerals, milk powder, soy lecithin, barley or rice extracts. 

Is crum. Vegan/Plant Based?


Is crum. safe for kids?

Yes, totally! All the wholefood ingredients are exactly that - wholefoods. Your kids will absolutely love crum.

What’s the difference between crum. and ritual?

crum. is crunchy and designed to have straight, with cold milk or in warm milk.

ritual is best for warm drinks - or at least make a paste with hot water & ritual before adding to cold milk. That way the ceremonial cacao paste can melt before adding it to a cold drink. Also ritual isn’t sweet at all, it’s a lot richer - a darker chocolate drink. You can add a sweetener or not - up to you :)

Is it produced in a Gluten/Dairy free factory?

Yes, we don’t use dairy or gluten.

We are a small business, and make all products in our small shared facility. 

We clean down in between making products and will only make one thing at a time to prevent cross contamination. Please keep in mind we use the same equipment so cross contamination may be possible.

We do use nuts in this facility - so unfortunately crum. is no longer guaranteed as nut free.