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A delicious pause, ritual, a rich ceremonial hot chocolate invites you to light a candle, burn some incense and take a moment.

Start your day, end your worries, or tune into self with ritual. Here to make it all better.

crum.’s big sister is a little more refined: it’s made with similar ingredients but contains ceremonial cacao paste, and no sugar. Call it connection in a mug.

ritual. is proudly: Refined sugar-free・Gluten-free・Dairy-free・Preservative free・GMO-free・Vegan・Organic・Crap Free


Dissolve 2-4 teaspoons of ritual in 1 tablespoon of boiling water. Stir into a cup of hot m*lk. Drop in your sweetener, or don’t. Stir again. Close your eyes and take a sip. Ahh, feel better? #everydayritual


Ceremonial Cacao Paste*, Cacao*, Cocoa*, Carob*, Mesquite*, Lucuma*, Maca*, Murray River Salt, Vanilla*

*Certified Organic

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4. FAQ's

ritual FAQ’s

What is ritual?

ritual is an easy to use ceremonial cacao chocolate drinking powder. It is a powder with shaved ceremonial cacao paste through it - so it’s really easy to make!

What is Ceremonial Cacao?

It is a pure cacao-bean paste that has been prepared traditionally in ceremony and on a small scale. 

Is ritual Vegan/Plant Based?


Is ritual safe for kids?

All the wholefood ingredients are exactly that - wholefoods. ritual is naturally higher in caffeine, so you could make a weaker version for your kids. If you are worried, stick to crum. for them :)

What’s the difference between crum. and ritual?

crum. is crunchy and designed to have straight, with cold milk or in warm milk.

ritual is best for warm drinks - or at least make a paste with hot water and ritual before adding to cold milk. That way the ceremonial cacao paste can melt before adding it to a cold drink. Also ritual isn’t sweet at all, it’s a lot richer - a darker chocolate drink. You can add a sweetener or not - up to you :)

Is it produced in a Gluten/Dairy free factory?

Yes, we don’t use dairy or gluten.

We are a small business, and make all products in our small shared facility. 

We clean down in between making products and will only make one thing at a time to prevent cross contamination. Please keep in mind we use the same equipment so cross contamination may be possible.

We do use nuts in this facility - so unfortunately crum. is no longer guaranteed as nut free.