It might taste illegal, but it’s completely guilt-free.

Refined sugar free 🤎 Gluten free 🤎 Dairy free 🤎 Preservative free 🤎 GMO free 🤎 Crap free 🤎 Vegan 🤎 Organic

What is crum. made of?

Coconut Sugar*, Cacao Powder*, Maple Syrup*, Carob Powder*, Mesquite*, Maca*, Murray River Salt, Vanilla*

*Certified Organic

crum. fans are saying...

My daughter loved it just as much as Milo!

So love this product, it’s great to know there are options similar, that taste even better!

Shanassy R.

Better than the original.

I have wanted something similar to milo since I found out I was Coeliac over 7 years ago. I was SO excited to see this but also dubious about how it would taste. Could anything be as hood as original Milo....... the answer is a huge YES!! The taste is better than I ever remembered. Best eaten on ice cream. Do yourself a favor and treat yo self!

Kirsty P.

Reminded me of milo.

The best gluten free alternative I’ve tried.

Jayne N. | Cooma, NSW

My daughter has just been diagnosed with coeliac disease and was really missing her milo. Thank you for making my 9 year old very happy.

Charity M. | Craigmore, SA

Amazing texture and taste. Made our family's day to enjoy a drink like this again. Thank you

Kate C.


Why is crum healthier than milo?

The wholefood ingredients are healthier, making crum. a healthier option. crum. doesn’t contain any white sugar, fortified man made vitamins or minerals, milk powder, soy lecithin, barley or rice extracts. 

Is it produced in a Gluten/Dairy free factory?

Yes, we don’t use dairy or gluten.

We are a small business, and make all products in our small shared facility. 

We clean down in between making products and will only make one thing at a time to prevent cross contamination. Please keep in mind we use the same equipment so cross contamination may be possible.

We do use nuts in this facility - so unfortunately crum. is no longer guaranteed as nut free.

Is crum. safe for kids?

Yes, totally! All the wholefood ingredients are exactly that - wholefoods. Your kids will absolutely love crum.